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Shahzadgai Da Pakistan Song : Ziddi Pukhtoon

18.70K Views1 Comments

Movie: Ziddi Pukhtoon                                Singer: Hasmat Sahar & Neelo

Droon Pukhtoon Yum Song : BodyGuard

9.75K Views0 Comments

Movie: BodyGuard                                Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Dil Raj

Os Rapse Jare Aw Ka Khande Song : Tamashbeen

7.59K Views1 Comments

Movie: Tamashbeen                                     Singer: Dil Raj & Hashmat Sahar

Yo Yo Jahan Manana Song : Da Khkulo Badshahi Da

3.34K Views0 Comments

Movie: Da Khkulo Badshahi Da             Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Saima Naz

Khuday Khabar Charta De Song : Hashmat Sahar

1.74K Views0 Comments

Singer: Hashmat Sahar

Za Tasara Jorigam Song : Charsi

2.37K Views0 Comments

Movie: Charsi                             Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Karishma Shehzadi

Pa Zaan Me Shak She Song : Hashmat Sahar

1.60K Views0 Comments

Singer: Hashmat Sahar

Bas Ka Da Spak Song : Hashmat Sahar

5.71K Views0 Comments

Zulfi Me Tengi Lass Ke Song : Hashmat Sahar & Gul Panra

8.58K Views0 Comments

Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Gul Panra

Zra Che Khukegi Song : Hashmat Sahar

5.21K Views0 Comments

Qamaqla Yaara Song : Dastan

2.86K Views0 Comments

Movie: Dastan                               Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Sitara Younas

Sa Chal Pa Ma Kawi Song : Love Story

3.65K Views0 Comments

Movie: Love Story                               Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Sitara Younas

Che De Khubono Ke Razi Song : Hardam Khair

2.55K Views0 Comments

Movie: Hardam Khair                              Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Sitara Younas

Za Gunhgar Kha Yam Song : Za Yama Kakay Khan

611 Views0 Comments

Movie: Za Yama Kakay Khan                             Singer: Hashmat Sahar

Gham De Shata Ka Nan Song : Charta Khanan Charta Malangan

1.88K Views0 Comments

Movie: Charta Khanan Charta Malangan          Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Laila Khan

Zama Pa Zra Sta Badshahi Song : Hashmat Sahar & Sitara Younus

2.60K Views0 Comments

Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Sitara Younus

Charta Khana Charta Title Song : Charta Khana Charta Malangan

1.93K Views0 Comments

Movie: Charta Khana Charta Malangan          Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Dil Raj

Zra Me Chowdey De Song : Ma Cheera Ghareeb Sara

2.94K Views0 Comments

Movie: Ma Cheera Ghareeb Sara            Singer: Hashmat Sahar, Dil Raj & Neelo

Nan Saba Har Zra Mohabbat Song : Daagh

2.37K Views0 Comments

Movie: Daagh                                       Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Laila Khan

Malang De Yam Da Meene Song : Jung

1.82K Views0 Comments

Movie: Jung                                    Singer: Hashmat Sahar & Sitara Younus

Nan Ba Oshi Ko Nashi Song : Hashmat Sahar & Gul Panra

3.43K Views0 Comments

Hashmat Sahar Songs

Hashmat Sahar is a Pashto male singer of KPK Pakistan. Watch here all the pashto songs of great Pashto signer Hashmat Sahar. He sung songs for Pasto dramas and also for Pashto movies. Hashmat Sahar performs several time on live concerts. He gain his popularity by "yari rasara oka" song. His songs are panjha me ikhay da khanano pa zargi da, malang de yam da meenay, da kurme gula and much more. He also sung songs with Gul Panra and other famous Pashto singers. He released several albums in his career.
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