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Baran Shi Song : Karan Khan

12.43K Views1 Comments

Album: Spogmai                                      Singer: Karan Khan

Da Muhabat Song : Karan Khan

8.34K Views0 Comments

Album: Spogmai                                      Singer: Karan Khan

Lapaeezy Song : Karan Khan

8.65K Views0 Comments

Album: Spogmai                                      Singer: Karan Khan

Rasha Rasha Song : Karan Khan

21.84K Views1 Comments

Nawey Kaal Song : Karan Khan

5.90K Views0 Comments

Album: Spogmai                                      Singer: Karan Khan

Sabridy Na Song : Karan Khan

18.80K Views0 Comments

Sitar Rawarry Song : Karan Khan

4.89K Views0 Comments

Album: Spogmai                                      Singer: Karan Khan

Yaar Na Razi Song : Karan Khan

6.35K Views0 Comments

Album: Spogmai                                Singer: Karan Khan

Ma Sara Ye Meena Kare Song : Karan Khan

14.92K Views0 Comments

Zaanta De Dea Song : Karan Khan

3.51K Views0 Comments

Singer: Karan Khan

Sta Banra Song : Karan Khan

5.24K Views1 Comments

Singer: Karan Khan

Da Ba Sa Kigi Janana Song : Karan Khan

2.92K Views0 Comments

Singer: Karan Khan

Da Kiramato Na Khali Song : Karan Khan

2.18K Views0 Comments

Singer: Karan Khan

Ma Khoob Ledaley Song : Karan Khan

1.74K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                          Singer: Karan Khan

Sa Me Te Her Kral Song : Karan Khan

9.97K Views0 Comments

Zameer Zama Pa Zat Ke Song : Karan Khan

1.06K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                             Singer: Karan Khan

Zama Tasveer Totai Totai Song : Karan Khan

9.06K Views0 Comments

Da Deer Nawaba Song : Karan Khan

1.54K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                       Singer: Karan Khan

Da Yarano Song : Karan Khan

1.16K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                             Singer: Karan Khan

Wah Wah Sanga Shereen Song : Karan Khan

1.84K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                                Singer: Karan Khan

Tasveer Me Da Cha Song : Karan Khan

7.00K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                             Singer: Karan Khan

Tagi Tol Darpase Mra Song : Karan Khan

2.89K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                                     Singer: Karan Khan

Ta Kho Ye Kun Fayakun Song : Karan Khan

2.45K Views0 Comments

Album: Tasveer                                                   Singer: Karan Khan

Rasha Pa Pokhtoo De Rawalam HD Video Song – Karan Khan

9.10K Views0 Comments

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Karan Khan Songs

Karan khan is very well known singer in pashto music industry. His Genre are sandara and ghazals. He belongs to KPK province of Pakistan. He releases over 15 music album his music career. Names of his music albums are Khkaalo, Hindara, Chinaar, Sabaoon, Spoogmai, Taabeer, and more. He sung songs with several top pashto singer for Dramas and Pashto movies. The top hit songs are zama dildara raba, ranra ranra ba sabawon way, sta hara khanda kana, more da janan kadde barege and much more songs.
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